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Biogreen mulcher, in just one operation and with the usual speed is able to cut and launch the grass and branches to a deposit to remove them from the ground.

With this special application SERRAT wants to contribute to the maintenace of natural areas, roadsides and abores all.

Wetlands exporting the remains directly to a deposit or a trailer.

Characteristics :

- Steel-plate chassis, thickness 8 mm.

- Rotor Polser of 600 mm of diameter.

- Gearbox SERRAT.

- Steel worm screw with 300 mm of diameter.

- Reaction and impulse turbine with independant transmission.

- 5 SPCX side belt transmisssion.

- GIROSTOP system.

- Supports of bearing rotor in steel.

- Oscillating bearings of double row of rollers.

- Front protection curtain.

- Obturations antiwire in rotor.

- Serrat forged hammers for grass.

- PTO 1000 rpm.

- Steel counter knives.

- Model built under EC Normative.

- Safety indicators visible to personnel.

Model : 

Options : 

- Second turbine

- Freewheel on transmission

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