Located in the biggest european cultivated forest in Europe with 2.8 million hectars in the heart of the region New Aquitaine, SYLVINOV, manufacturer and distributor of forestry equipments, offers custom mechanization solutions since 1907, especially for reforestation and forest maintenance but also for farming in difficult environment.

Atelier Darriet                            

The founder, Jacques Darriet (1873–1959), built a mechanical construction workshop in 1907.

The company moved in 1922 into forestry equipment, producing the first drum chopper. 

It was mainly used for maintaining and clearing the undergrowth to prevent fire, and sometimes with a water tank on it.

Its French name is "Rouleau Landais".

Darriet’s son-in-law, Mr Ménard, took over the company in the early 60's and changed the name into Ménard-Darriet.

Darriets Fordson                            debut XXeme 1954 001

In 1984, the company was acquired by François Dubroca. 

Mr Dubroca extended the range of products line in 1992 by merging with the Cullerier company (founded in Gironde in 1867); therefore Ménard-Darriet became Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier. 

salon 1994 001

The Cullerier ploughs, brush cutters, disc harrows and mulchers were integrated into the company’s know-how, offering to the clients a range of machinery for maintenance and reforestation.

Sebastien HD



In 2007 Sébastien Eloir took over the management of the company.

With more than 15 years working experience on mechanization and customer oriented experienced; Mr Eloir, took all the know-how of his predecessors and improved all the processes.

In addition, Mr Eloir facilitated strategic alliances and partnerships, in order to provide a better service for both local and global customers.

In 2012 the headquarters and the workshop moved to the Industrial Zone Galleben close to the A63.

Batiment portes ouvertes

In 2014, Eider and Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier developed in partnership the first self-propelled rubber tracked vehicle for biomass mulching and exportation.

Chenillard MD TRACK 250 chenille caoutchouc

By the end of 2015 Ménard-Darriet-Cullerier became SYLVINOV as it acquired one of its local competitor Dematos and therefore reinforced its range of products and knowledge in mechanical engineering.

Meanwhile Sylvinov acquired a highly specialized company named SEP CHEZE located in Limousin (in the city of Uzerche close to Brive) dedicated to the manufacturing of specific parts and the mending of various equipments to accelerate its development in France.