Biomass harvesting

Sylvinov works only on plant biomass.

Plant biomass will soon replaced oil by-products

This bio-based resource is used in cogeneration plants to produce energy.

It is also used for mulching or fertilization.

Harvests of specific materials like reed or resin are already supplying companies working in green chemestry or bio-based materials.

Plant biomass harvesting equipment

Plant biomass harvest is done through specifically designed equipment like Biogreen or Biosylva Serrat mulchers with exportation, with rubber tracks MD TRACK 250 or HT 100 in sensitive areas, or with tractors in other environments.

Source : Eider

The Blanchard or Pallari stump crushers, and the Blanchard wood grapples mounted on mechanical shovels were successfully used on stump harvest sites after the Klaus storm in 2009.

Source : Sylvinov Source : Technique TP